Episode #148 – In the Company of Al

With renewed vigor and a yearning to deliver the news Al returns to the show with the News You May Have Missed. Greg ends his epic trek in Moving Day Part2. Champagne Dan sits in with the Captains to round out an episode sure to offend and maybe even make ... read more


Cavemen on Film – #014 – Top 5 Biopics

The biopic film has always been an interesting genre. Mixing the truth from the stylized to explain one’s life in a way that leads the viewer wanting to know more is a delicate balance on this episode we review Jimi: All is By My Side and discuss which 5 we ... read more


Episode #147 – Chinese Racism

The Reverend Al is sadly absent this week but Parsec Award Finalist Champagne Dan sits in on the show as we discuss the first Presidential Debate, racism at a Chinese restaurant, more movie theater etiquette and  The News You Didn’t Know You Were Gonna Get.  Get your girl in check!


... read more


Watch It! Play It! #100


Fantasy Life Bravely Second Mario Kart 7 Ark: Survival Evolved Con Man Transformers: Earth Wars


At Home Sleeping With Other People Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid Kung Pow: Enter The Fist In Theaters Hell or High Water Suicide Squad


... read more

Episode #146 – Moving Day

Its moving ay at the Caveman Mafia Podcast. Greg and Dangle can’t wait to tell the tales of hoarders gone wild. With the family argues over the last two Klondike bars, Greg and Dangle pack, lift, carry, organize and sweat the move. The gang discusses food that makes them sick ... read more


Clan of the Cave Horse – 012 – I Gotta Scratch My Balls, Would You Get That for Me

The final chapter of the Clan of the Cave Horse comes to us in full attack mode. The Stepfather sits down with the clan as they cross every line that exists. Politics, News, Superheroes. It’s all up for grabs. .

Clan Of The Cave Horse is a podcast of Stigmata ... read more


Episode #145 – Manbang and Chill

The gang is out in full force this week trying to dissect the nonsense that was the Olympic Games and Ryan Lochte.  Our eye in the Dick Dangle breaks down drivers that care too little. The Reverend asks us all a question of ethics and Greg’s wife just loves to ... read more


Caveman on Film – #013 – Top 5 Sequels or Reboots

What would take the top prize on your list of sequels or reboots? Which category suits your fancy more? Or were you able to combine the two and select sequels that were reboots or reboots of sequels? Mind blown. The Wicked Stepmother, Clark and The Stepfather sit down to iron ... read more

Watch It! Play It! #099


Rimworld Zombie Night Terror


At Home George: A Zombie Intervention High Anxiety In Theaters Ghostbusters Star Trek: Beyond



The Night of Preacher

Episode #144 – Life Lessons from Kenny Rogers

On this week’s episode we learn How to Hold ‘Em (Greg deals with projectile vomit), How to Fold ‘Em (Al helps he elderly play cards), How to walk away (Mike gets dissed at a preseason game) and How to Run (Dangle deals with a hit and run of sorts).  In ... read more