About the Show

Critics and podcast aficionados all agree, they’ve  never even HEARD of this show… yet.

The Caveman Mafia Podcast is your source for all things movies, TV, games, news and views. Life isn’t politically correct and neither are we. So, send the women and children to bed, pour a drink, light a fine cigar and relax. Let’s do this thing.


What people are saying about us (or quotes we’ve made up):

What the HELL is a Caveman Mafia podcast?  You’re still gonna give me that $20, right? – random “dancer” the crew interviewed in a strip club parking lot


I’d love to purchase the rights to the Caveman Mafia podcast and have it  mass-produced by Chinese slave labor.  Shit.  Nevermind.  I’m dead. – Steve Jobs


“Relatively” speaking, this is the finest, most informative podcast I’ve ever heard.  See what I did there?  Relatively?  Get it? – Albert Einstein


I love the Caveman Mafia podcast.  Hopefully this infernal play ends soon so I can go home and listen to this week’s episode. – Abraham Lincoln


Wait.  You want to  record this show in OUR house?  Every week?  I guess.  Gives me a couple hours of peace.  Just keep Al and Clark away from me, okay?  -Mike’s wife


Don’t talk about me on the podcast, Greg!  I’m NOT kidding!  – Greg’s wife


Zip zop, zoobity bop, and the podcast with the Mafia of the Caveman, and the Jello Pudding Pops – Bill Cosby


REAL Americans will love these guys’ articularity… articulationalism… articu… these guys speak real good. – President George W. Bush


Besides my beloved Russia, there are only four things I truly love:  vodka-flavored caviar,  shirtless horseback riding, choke slamming polar bears… and the Caveman Mafia podcast – Vladimir Putin


There can be only one.  Podast I’d lose my head over, I mean. – Connor MacLeod of the clan MacLeod


Imma a let you finish, but Caveman Mafia had one of the best podcasts of all time! – Kanye West


YOU’RE excited?  Feel these nipples! – Bob Costas


I bet these guys taste as delicious as they sound.  – Hannibal Lecter


I laughed, I learned… I crapped my diaper. – Larry Flynt


Listening to this podcast will have no affect on your dental health. – that 5th dentist who wouldn’t recommend Crest toothpaste


We’re actually closed on Sundays so I can sleep ’til noon and listen to the latest episode in my Batman pajamas. –  Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy


Look, this notion that taxes on people who make ‘Long like the Caveman Mafia!  Taking over the world one podcast at a time.’  Er… what the… who?  WHO put that up on my teleprompter? – President Barack Obama