Cavemen on Cigars

Alright, soldiers.  Mike starts off each episode of the Caveman Mafia Podcast  by saying, “kick  back, relax, have a drink and a fine cigar.”  Those first three are easy enough, but what if your only experience with cigars is that 5-pack of Garcia Vega’s you got at the supermarket for $3.  Shame on you.
As a post-holiday treat, Mike and super-secret-covert-cigar-agent  JediBlueGill (not sure if those hyphens are right, but that’s what his super spy I.D. says) are gonna run you through the basics.  What makes a good cigar?  What are some flavor notes you should look for?  Cutters?  Lighters?  Humidors?  Oh, my!
Buckle up, cause it’s time to get your smoke on!