Clan of the Cave Horse – 010 – I’ve Never Been That Close to Naked Women

Clan Of The Cave Horse is a podcast of Stigmata Studios. Presented by The Caveman Mafia

Intro borrows heavily from the file “War-Horse” And the guy who wrote that bugle thing.

– Jon Towers from Stigmata Studios tries in vain to hold everything together.

– With comedian Melanie Friedrich and writer Nelson W. Pyles co-hosting, or tri-hosting, team-hosting, maybe Group hosting.

– During the break: Bill Burr “The Philly Incident”:

– News Items:
1. Country Music Powerhouse Destroys Pittsburgh!
2. Witness! The severe ramen Noodle Beating!
3. One Armed Pot Smoking Samurai Sword Wielding Bad Mofo!

– All Incidental Music by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0   Email Jon: Visit: Find Jon on Twitter: @jonnyaxx Find Jon on Facebook:!/stigmatastudios

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Preview YouTube video Bill Burr – The Philadelphia Incident (Better Audio)

Bill Burr – The Philadelphia Incident (Better Audio)