Clan of the Cave Horse – 011 – Quit Crying, Pussies

Clan Of The Cave Horse is a podcast of Stigmata Studios. Presented by The Caveman Mafia.

  1. Intro borrows heavily from the file “War-Horse” And the guy who wrote that bugle thing.
  2. Jon Towers from Stigmata Studios tries in vain to hold everything together.
  3. With comedian Melanie Friedrich and writer Nelson W. Pyles co-hosting, or tri-hosting, team-hosting, maybe Group hosting.
  4. During the break:
    1. Jim Jeffries on Donald Trump:
    2. Hillary Clinton:
  5. News Items:
    1. Country Music Powerhouse Destroys Pittsburgh!
    2. Witness! The severe ramen Noodle Beating!
    3. One Armed Pot Smoking Samurai Sword Wielding Bad Mofo!
  6.  All Incidental Music by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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