Clan of the Cave Horse – 007 – I Made It with the Scar-Jo Robot

– Intro borrows heavily from the file “War-Horse” And the guy who wrote that bugle thing.

– Jon Towers from Stigmata Studios tries in vain to hold everything together.

– With comedian Melanie Friedrich and writer Nelson W. Pyles co-hosting, or tri-hosting, team-hosting, maybe Group hosting.

– Caveman Mafia shot caller Mike “The Stepfather” Cerra in studio!

– During the break: Gary Shandling

– News Items:

  • What not to do with 13 steel washers and a few hours of free time
  • The Scar-Jo bot and the complete objectification of a woman
  • Microsofts Hitler praising, genocidal Twitter robot.
  • One woman, Wal-Mart sausage party!

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