Episode #145 – Manbang and Chill

The gang is out in full force this week trying to dissect the nonsense that was the Olympic Games and Ryan Lochte.  Our eye in the Dick Dangle breaks down drivers that care too little. The Reverend asks us all a question of ethics and Greg’s wife just loves to swear.  In the News You May Have Missed we  discuss the important questions of the time like the moon landing and dinosaurs. Are you into Manbang?


Report Of Man With Gun In Canada Was Actually ‘Terminator’ Cutout

Terrifying Moment Massive Tarantula Spotted Lurking In Pile Of Fresh Fruit At Supermarket

Ohio Man Arrested After Trying To Have Sex With A Van

Moon Landing Celebrates 47th Anniversary But 52% Of Brits Don’t Believe It Really Happened

Bar Named ‘DeRailed’ Struck By Derailed Train

McDonald’s Let People Design Their Own Burgers, And It Went Downhill Fast

North Korea Launches State-Run Version Of Netflix Called Manbang And Here’s What It Shows