Episode #02 – I Shouldn’t Have Let That One Go

Al is back!  Can he redeem his week one absence with some racially insensitive humor?  Boooo, Al!  Boooo!  Mike is the Capo di Tutti Frutti, oh Rudy.  Greg details Helen Hunt’s plan to conquer Hollywood with her evil clone army.  Leelee Sobieski (a.k.a. Helen Hunt version 1.01), you’re not fooling anyone!  The Nashville premier dumps WAY too much drama on Clark and Mike.  Al Roker makes a “special delivery” at the White House.

The 2012 Academy Award nominations are out!   (FYI:  Al hasn’t seen ANY of these films and Mike has seen ALL of them.)  The Crew predicts winners in each “major” Oscar category.  And, yes, of course we’re keeping score!  What fate awaits the losing prognosticator?  Listeners, suggest an appropriate punishment on our Facebook and Twitter pages or email us at info@thecavemanmafia.com!

Oh, and we love Jennifer Lawrence.

Featuring the music of Pittsburgh’s own Big House Pete.

Introductions – Al, Clark, Greg, Mike

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Main Topic – The Crew discusses the 2012 Oscars nominees and picks their “major category”  winners.

  • Best Lead Actor/Actress
  • Best Supporting Actor/Actress
  • Best Director
  • Best Picture