Episode #025 – Gamers Beware, Coo Coo Ca Choo

The gang dissects the NFL’s conduct policy and the Patriots’ signing of Tim Tebow, a.k.a. Bizarro Aaron Hernandez.


Greg discusses his first book, Email Forwarding for Complete Friggin’ Morons*.  Al’s parents may have bought the house from The Money Pit.  Just when Mike thinks he’s OUT, the Pirates pull him back in!


Warning:  Al’s news is laden with drug and penis stories… and none ends well.


* For details on how to get an autographed copy, please email us at gregsbookisrockinasshit@thecavemanmafia.com



The Gang’s Week



This Week’s Topic – Aaron Hernandez and the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy



The News You Missed

Sean Connery’s Last Word

“Henry VIII didn’t get divorced, he just had his wives’ heads chopped off when he got tired of them. That’s a good way to get rid of a woman – no alimony.”