Episode #03 – The Gang Enjoys Game Night

It’s GAME NIGHT!!!!  Mike shares his “Five Rules to Movie Theater Etiquette.”  Greg’s “Fuck You Battle” with the Boss (in-game, not real life).  Has the podcast already jumped the shark?  (Wait?  We have a SHARK?!?!?!)  We discover the sound of one leg tapping.  Jeri Ryan AND, on a shockingly unrelated note, “Breasts of Mass Destruction” coming to a trailer park near you.  Al’s Google Game has a very, very long name!  Jaknowwhatimean?

Introductions – Al, Clark, Greg, Mike

Airing of Grievances

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Main Topic – It’s GAME NIGHT with Al’s Audaciously Awesome Bodaciously Non-Bogus Keenly Clever Google Auto-Search Game

Special thanks to Big House Pete (Facebook) and Mike Medved (Facebook ) for providing music for today’s episode.  Click HERE to download three of Mike’s songs for FREE!!!!