Episode #04 – Neanderthals Like Their Strippers Pregnant

Greg is SERIOUSLY good at web design, okay?!?!  Al learns a new table game on the fly, and he HATES the government for it!  Greenland continues to thwart mad science and global epidemics.  Does anyone care who’s directing Star Wars:  Episode VII?   “Friday Night Lights” makes Mike tear up more than the time he put “ghost chilies” in his cupcakes… on purpose.

Public Service Message – It’s possible Clark is a serial killer.


Airing of Grievances/The Gang’s Week

The News You Missed


What We’re Watching/Upcoming





Main Topic –  TV Shows, Please Come Back… or Go Away!

We each pick one TV series we wish would return to the air and another we wish would be canceled (if currently on) or erased from existence (if already gone).

Special thanks to Big House Pete (Facebook) for providing music for today’s episode.