Episode #05 – Homofurbics Build a Hall of Fame

Warning:  This podcast does NOT abide homofurbic slurs.  Such aggression will not stand, man.

Al’s perfect week is ruined when he gets an “ouchie” on his middle finger.  Clark finds a delightful woman online… until he Googles “BDSM.”  Mike has a bad shopping experience at Sam’s Club, so he walks home… but does stop to get hoagies.  Greg’s segment runs long and his listeners are not pleased.  Mike and Greg win/Clark loses at “Find Al’s Racist Comment.”  The Gang discusses rules and qualifications for its “Movie Hall of Fame.”  Films rejected so far:  “Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter” and “Gleaming the Cube.”  Eric Bana and Christian Slater fans riot!


Airing of Grievances/The Gang’s Week

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Main Topic – The Caveman Mafia Movie Hall of Fame

Part 1:  This week the Gang discusses the creation of its “Movie Hall of Fame” and outlines selection criteria.

Part 2:  Next week each of the Gang submits a list of 10 Hall of Fame nominees… voting and arguments will then ensue.

Special thanks to Big House Pete (Facebook) for providing music for this week’s episode.