Episode #07 – Daemons Breaking the Fourth Wall

Al (a.k.a “Mr. Fuzzy Pants”) is looking for a realtor who can follow directions.  Mike wants to leap through the fourth wall and knock down Kevin Spacey’s house of cards. Greg plays devil’s advocate this week AND discusses his college art project “Smashed Radio on Cement Block.”  Clark is VERY wound up about a documentary he “enjoyed” this week.

WARNING:  Reports link Mountain Dew to daemonic activity… but only crazy singer/songwriters need worry.  FYI – Walmart’s Mountain Lightening is purportedly “evil free.”


Airing of Grievances/Week in Review

The News You Missed


What We’re Watching/Upcoming





Main Topic – Top 5 Action Movies

Special thanks to Big House Pete (Facebook) and Mike Medved (Facebook ) for providing music for today’s episode.

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