Episode #23 – Warming the Cockles and Homebound Snorks

The Fathers Day episode – Best and Worst TV/Movie Dads.

Greg gets an uncomfortable, and possibly illegal, work request.  A black comic gets the wrong idea and calls Clark out for being racist.  Al tells a player at his table exactly what she do to herself.  Mike WILL change his work behavior.  Mike WILL receive and accept a training invitation.  Mike WILL love his job.



The Gang’s Week



This Week’s Topic – Best and Worst TV/Movie Dads



The News You Missed

Sean Connery’s Last Word

My company is refurbishing a building a across the street from our main offices.  We took the tour yesterday, heard the grand plan to purchase millions of dollars worth of new lab equipment, saw a full-room generator that would literally SUCK a person in from the next room if the door wasn’t shut properly.  The highlight of the tour?  The construction foreman had a humongous, cereal-sized box of Nerds on top of his desk.  Grape and strawberry flavored.  Delicious.  Not only is Sean NOT shitting you, he also loves to say delicious and humongous.  It’s the “S’s” that do it for him.  Delicious.  Humongous.