Episode #24 – Vaginal Super Heroes and Comedic Boundaries

Are there any boundaries when it comes to comedy or does anything really go?

Greg hates special effects but loves free seafood pizza.  Clark’s inability to keep a secret gets him tossed from super spy training.  Al is looking to get rid of his 500-lb TV.  Al’s mom is looking to commission Greg for some “bedroom work.”  An ice cream party goes off the rails and ruins Mike’s week.



The Gang’s Week



This Week’s Topic – Jim Norton on Totally Biased



The News You Missed

Sean Connery’s Last Word

I’m sick of hearing how delicious Catherine Zeta-Jones’ bum looked in “Entrapment.”  For the love of Pete, I’m 82 years old and have glutes so strong I can crack open a walnut and toss it to you from across the room.