Greg Shaffer a.k.a “Zoltaire”

Hmmmm…. a little about myself.

I’m a graphic designer for my day job… and well, a graphic designer for my night job too. I think I’m a work-a-holic. But I do love getting paid, so its all good.

Things I love other than my wife and my 3 cats… alright 2 cats…. one kinda only tolerate:

Transformers. Yes, they are infact more than meets the eye. I suppose I haven’t grown up yet, because I still collect and display all that plastic crack. I think I currently have over 1,000 bots. My wife often says that we have 5 generations of transformers in the house but no generations of kids. I keep telling her that she didn’t get the memo that having kids requires us having well, you know. So we stay childless.

Music. While I’m not a true musician, because I can’t read music, I’ve been playing guitar and singing for so many years I’ve lost count. I just started playing in the band ‘Missing Mara’ with my cousin Tim Camarote (vocals), and bassist Rob Sosko. Solo, I mainly play Dave Matthews. I love music though. There are so many great artists out there…  so much great music!

Here’s a song Tim, Rob and I did at the Keynote Cafe, in Jeannette, PA on Dec. 2nd, 2012. Isn’t Tim’s voice awesome!?!

Missing Mara – Cough Syrup cover (Young the Giant)

Games. I love games. But more than that… I love buying games…. and more than that… I love buying expansions for games. I’m a game whore. I have such a large ‘pile of shame’ in the way of games, it’s embarrasing. I accuse my parents. Never getting me shit when I was a kid. Now I think I must own it all. I own pretty much every gaming console, as well as gaming on my pc. I game with all the guys on the podcast, as well as a great community gaming group ‘Gamers with Jobs’. You can check them out on www.gamerswithjobs.com. They’re all great people, and have never had a bad experience playing with anyone from the group. If you want to game with me, just email the request to info@thecavemanmafia.com.

Movies/TV. Just like the rest of the Caveman Mafia gang, I love watching movies and tv. While I don’t have cable, I do get my fill of the newest shows. My favorite movie of all time is Mel Brooks ‘Blazing Saddles’.

I mean, who can argue with that. It was authentic frontier gibberish. As far as tv, there are so many great shows, I don’t think I could say I have a favorite. It’s really great to discuss movies and tv shows with the gang. There are so many times one of them has recommended a show/movie that I would have never watched, and it was great. Like ‘Pontypool’. A must see movie!


There’s not much more to say about me.

Enjoy the podcast!